Could Mind Forge the Universe?

Before we measure a quantum system, it can hold contradictory properties, such as being in two different energy states. When we observe it, we force the system to assume a particular state, inherently tying the act of observing into reality itself. Markus Mueller and Michael Cuffaro argue that they are just following these hints to their logical end. Their aim is to develop a framework to describe reality without assuming the existence of ordinary objects with properties, governed by physical laws. But how do you set about the ambitious task of constructing a universe, without any building blocks or instructions for how to assemble it? “Mathematically when you ask, ‘What if there are no laws of nature?’ that’s like asking ‘What if all you have is mathematics itself? Can that give you something that allows you to predict what you’ll see — that is, some probabilities of observations, without assuming anything else?’,” says Mueller.

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