How Will AI Change Our Lives? Experts Can’t Agree — and That Could Be a Problem

Possible Minds, edited by John Brockman and published last week by Penguin Press, asks 25 important thinkers — including Max Tegmark, Jaan Tallinn, Steven Pinker, and Stuart Russell — to each contribute a short essay on “ways of looking” at AI. Architects of Intelligence, published last November by Packt Publishing, promises us “the truth about AI from the people building it” and includes 22 conversations between Martin Ford and highly regarded researchers, including Google Brain founder Andrew Ng, Facebook’s Yann LeCun, and DeepMind’s Demis Hassabis. Across the two books, 45 researchers (some feature in both) describe their thinking. Almost all perceive something momentous on the horizon. But they differ in trying to describe what about it is momentous — and they disagree profoundly on whether it should give us pause.

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