In Search of Naked Singularities

Avi Loeb: Instead of finding reasons to avoid naked singularities, we should cherish the opportunity to find them as a path for exploring new physics. Of course, the crucial unknown in this regard is: “What do naked singularities look like?” Owing to the extreme curvature of spacetime in their vicinity, naked singularities might produce high-energy particles in a powerful fireball of energy. Do we observe such fireballs on the sky? Is it possible that we have already detected naked singularities but misinterpreted their nature? One family of documented fireballs is gamma-ray bursts. These astrophysical blasts are commonly associated with the birth of black holes or collision of neutron stars but not with naked singularities. We also observe fast radio bursts whose nature is unknown as of yet. We should keep our eyes open. If detected by our telescopes, naked singularities would be the best laboratories for testing theories of quantum gravity, such as string theory.

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