Other Minds and Cryptominds, From Babies to Robots to God

Reading The Mind Club will take your thoughts about minds to places you never imagined. It is the work of psychologist Daniel Wegner at Harvard University, renowned for his offbeat ideas, and his protégé Kurt Gray, now at the University of North Carolina, who completed the book after Wegner died in 2013. Between them they have created a true page-turner: witty, quirky, and insightful. Moreover, it is nearly two books in one. The first nine chapters look at how we perceive mind in potential members of the “club.” Babies, grown-ups, and animals are conventional applicants, but there are also many unfamiliar “cryptominds” knocking at the door, including robots, enemies, groups, the dead, and even God. Then there is a tenth chapter, which turns to our minds.


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