Scientists Uncover the Universal Geometry of Geology

They kept finding cuboid averages in nature, plus a few non-cubes that could be explained with the same theories. They ended up with a new mathematical framework: a descriptive language to express how all things fall apart. When their paper was published earlier this year, it came titled like a particularly esoteric Harry Potter novel: “Plato’s Cube and the Natural Geometry of Fragmentation.” Several geophysicists contacted by Quanta say the same mathematical framework might also help with problems like understanding erosion from cracked cliff faces, or preventing hazardous rock slides. “That is really, really exciting,” said the University of Edinburgh geomorphologist Mikaël Attal, one of two scientists who reviewed the paper before publication. The other reviewer, the Vanderbilt geophysicist David Furbish, said, “A paper like this makes me think: Can I somehow make use of these ideas?”

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