What a Lack of Unexplained Gory Deaths Tells Us About Dark Matter

Dark matter ought to bang into visible matter from time to time. So the trick is to look for evidence of these collisions. Exactly what this evidence will look like is the subject of considerable debate. But today we get the results of the first search for evidence that relatively large dark-matter particles, called macros, could smash into humans and kill them. “The closest analogy to a macro collision with a human being is a gunshot wound,” say Jagjit Sidhu and colleagues at Case Western Reserve University. That has given these guys an interesting idea. They say that humanity is a kind of dark matter detector, in the sense that any unexplained gunshot-type wounds could be evidence of dark-matter macros. Indeed, the death rate from this kind of injury would give a good sense of how common this type of dark matter must be.

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