What “Game of Thrones” Reveals About Moral Decision-Making

Jim A.C. Everett and Molly J. Crockett: After nearly a decade, Game of Thrones is complete. A global phenomenon averaging more than 44 million views per episode, its soaring popularity met with extreme disappointment at the show’s ending. Critics and fans accused the show’s writers of betraying beloved characters like Daenarys Targaryen, and more than a million fans even signed a petition to demand a remake of the final season. What happened? We think moral psychology holds clues to why the show was both so beloved by its fans and yet so reviled in its finish. Though Game of Thrones is set in an incredible fantasy world filled with dragons, magic, and ice-zombies, the moral challenges that its characters face are very real and follow a deep logic. But this logic was disrupted in the final episodes.

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