Why We Need to Be More Emotional to Save the World

Ari Wallach: Our feelings are not only an integral part of our moral, social, and personal well-being, but also are vital tools for solving complex challenges we face individually, organizationally, and even as a species. As Emiliana Simon-Thomas of the University of Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center says, “[Emotions] provide us with quintessential information about what’s important and what to do next and how to do it and who to do it with.” Humanity is in a period of great upheaval. For people and organizations attempting to thrive in this tumultuous time, old mindsets and approaches no longer work. To create a better future where everyone can flourish, leaders and organizations need to find ways to engage and encourage emotions more fully. In recent decades, an array of scientific insights have reshaped the way we view emotions, particularly in the way they affect how we think about the future.


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